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Whether you want to protect or establish your immigration status, divorce your partner, or be compensated for injuries suffered during an accident, you’ll get the best chance at a successful courtroom decision if you hire Hernandez Law.

If you have been charged with a crime, our attorney will take an in-depth look into your arrest to determine any mistakes made by law enforcement officials as well as holes in the prosecutors claim. This allows us to determine the correct approach we should take to secure the best outcome for you.

Our legal professionals use a combined decades of experience to effectively represent you and guide you every step of the way when you are facing a legal battle in Texas. Don’t get railroaded by the judicial system – protect yourself during your case by partnering with Hernandez Law in El Paso.

Our Areas Of Practice

Criminal Defense:
• Aggravated Assault
• Assault (Family Violence)
• Bond Reductions
• Drug Possession
• DWI • Expungement of Arrest Record
• Federal Drug Cases
• Juvenile Cases
• Traffic Tickets

Personal Injury:
• 18-Wheeler Accidents
• Automobile Accidents • DWI Accidents
• Medical Malpractice • Wrongful Death

Family Law:
• Child Custody • Child Support • Divorces

Immigration Law:
• Accelerated Removals • Bond Reduction • Deportation Proceedings

Defensa Criminal:
• Agresion (Violencia Familiar)
• Agresion Con Intencion de Crimen Agravado
• Casos de Menores
• Casos Federales de Posesion de Drogas
• DWI (Manejar en Estado de Ebriaguez) • Infracciones
• Limpieza de Antecedentes Penales
• Posesion de Drogas
• Reduccion de Fianzas

Lesiones Personales:
• Accidentes Automovilisticos
• Accidents de Trailer • Muerte Por Negligencia
• Negligencia Medica y de Hospital

Derecho Familiar:
• Custodia de Menores • Divorcio • Sostenimiento de Menores

Derecho Immigracion:
• Casos de Deportacion • Expulsiones Aceleradas • Reduccion de Fianza

If you’ve been searching for experienced attorneys to handle your criminal, family, immigration or personal injury claim, look no further than Hernandez Law in Texas.

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